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I don’t want to help you achieve your dream body.
I want to help you to achieve your dream mindset and the body you feel your best self in.

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You don’t need to take my word for it.

Watch, listen and read about what the Fit To Thrive experience is like from clients that are, or have been, a part of the programme.

The fitness industry is saturated with online programmes and coaches, all claiming to be your fast-track ticket to a dream body.

Fit To Thrive is not a “12 week transformation package” because I strongly believe the key to long term success comes from building strong foundations. Namely, a healthy relationship with food, good body image, education around the basics of training and a focus on daily actions & sustainable habits.

I stress the importance of gradual progress over time through focusing on your input (mindset, training, diet) as opposed to constantly searching for an outcome (aesthetic changes); because not only is it important to be present but if your input is consistent, the outcome will reflect that.

I emphasise to my clients that it’s about fitting fitness around your life, not the other way around.

The “perfect programme” is not the one your favourite influencer or your best friend is doing, it’s one you can stick to consistently, as its better to be consistently good than inconsistently perfect.

I’m not a teacher or an instructor…

I’m a coach.

What’s the difference you say?

Teaching is focused solely on the subject and is often a one-way interaction, whereas coaching is focused on the individual and on their physical, emotional & mental development.

It’s an ongoing interaction where, not only do I work to enhance my client’s knowledge and understanding (ensuring they always understand the why behind what they’re doing) but, I genuinely engage with who they are and what makes them tick. This is because my ultimate goal is to give my clients the tools, knowledge, and confidence to feel empowered in their life.

The Fit To Thrive Programme



You’ll receive an extensive coaching manual detailing all of Fit To Thrive’s coaching protocols. Also included is education around key training systems and variables such as tempo training or mobility, as well as nutrition. With discussions on everything from macros and supplements to mindful eating.


You’ll learn to see food as a source of both nourishment and enjoyment rather than anxiety or restriction. Using a range of evidence-based tools such as flexible dieting and mindful eating you’ll discover the best approach to nutrition for you. You can also opt in to receive Fuel To Thrive; our monthly custom recipe book.


You’ll receive a bespoke training programme, tailored to your lifestyle as well as the exercise you enjoy, whilst also keeping in mind your goals; whether they be improved strength and body composition or improved mobility and athletic performance.


At the outset a detailed consultation will be carried out. This will assess your current diet & exercise habits, day-to-day schedule, training experience and medical history, as well as establishing what your underlying motivators are for embarking on the programme.

Log Book

You’ll receive a training log book enabling you to track your progress throughout each training cycle and over time.


You’ll receive access to a huge exercise library with videos of every exercise included in your programme.

Check ins

You’ll have weekly check in’s through an online portal, via your own private client profile. These provide a safe space for you to discuss how you are each week and how you’re finding the programme; we’ll discuss everything from training to mindset to sleep and stress.


You’ll receive the best support you could ask for; whether that’s via WhatsApp, email or phone – you will feel supported every step of the way.


You’ll receive access to a private forum with all the Fit To Thrive clients in so you can meet like-minded women and feel empowered & supported on your journey.

What I expect from you

Patience Icon


Results don’t happen overnight, so if you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’ perhaps Fit To Thrive isn’t the right coaching programme for you. I play the long game, hence why most Fit To Thrive clients remain on the programme for upwards of six months.


 I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to support you and hold you accountable to your goals (whatever they may be). Something I can’t do without absolute honesty from you.


No coach can give you a ‘magic’ programme that will guarantee results without work. You will only ever get out what you put in; so commit to yourself & for yourself, because you are most definitely worth it.

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