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I know my skill set is unique.

I am a wellness professional, I operate within the industry, working with the very kind of people that make up either your employees or your customers.

I understand their barriers to wellbeing and the strengths, short-comings and current trends of the Wellness industry. And so I know how to merge evidence-based practice & knowledge into a strategy or content that is practical, digestible and on-trend. Coupled with this, my background in digital marketing and first hand experience in organically growing multiple social media platforms means I know how to communicate knowledge and engage an audience. In short, I devise wellness strategies that work and create content that is as exciting as it is effective .

Below you’ll find some of the more recent projects I’ve been involved with that
showcase the type of clients I work closely with.

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I was brought in to provide support to Fora in all aspects of wellness.

This involved a re-design of their current wellness offering for Residents which was then rolled out across multiple sites. The programme designed catered to all aspects of wellness; both mental and physical. I act as the touch-point between their in-house personal trainers, class teachers, building managers, the Residents, other internal Fora staff and external wellness brands/partners. This ensures good communication across the ever-expanding Fora community and efficient delivery of a premium offering, in line with the Fora brand.

The overhaul of their wellness programme also involves working closely with Fora’s in-house marketing team, conceptualising a new strategy designed to drive awareness and increase traction amongst Residents for Fora wellness. As well as catering to the Fora network as a whole I also liaise directly with companies within Fora to create bespoke corporate wellness packages.

My role involves working closely with Fora’s events team to curate and deliver innovative wellness workshops, talks and events. 2020 will see us deliver a whole new programme of Wellness events spanning every aspect of wellness; movement, nutrition, genetics, creative wellbeing, sustainability, life coaching, mental health and even financial wellbeing.

Alongside this I work with Fora’s marketing team too advising on strategies and methods designed to drive awareness and increase traction amongst Residents for Wellness at Fora. As well as catering to the Fora network as a whole I also liaise directly with companies within Fora to create bespoke corporate wellness packages.

This re-design and overhaul of the wellness at Fora has received great reception from the press and key media outlets, and is now an award-winning programme having recently won Savill’s Workthere Coworking Wellbeing Award and GCUC’s Award for Best Wellness Programme.

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B_ND is a gym accessories brand which transformed the market by identifying the need for gym accessories and products that appealed to the wider mass market, rather than the traditional “old school bodybuilding” market.

They saw the need for a new, exciting and colourful fitness accessory brand was way overdue.

I was asked to come on board as the Head Coach/Personal Trainer for B_ND when the company re-branded and launched. My role comprised of writing all of the workout guides sold by B_ND to their customers. I also provided workout content for their social channels and evidence-based blog posts for their wesbite. With over 50,000 people on the launch day of the rebrand and over 6,000 guides sold in the first week of the launch alone, it was – and continues to be – a huge success and a brand that is shaking up the health & fitness industry.

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